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Know it’s wrong, but you do it anyway?

Are you craving chocolate, salt, coffee or carbs but know you shouldn’t have them?

It probably means you are deficient in magnesium, have adrenal fatigue or at least insufficiency, or are battling a systemic candida infection. Your naturopathic doctor can help you identify the reasons for your cravings and how to overcome them.





Overloaded by Toxins?

Are you in toxin overload?

  1. Do you have persistent brain-fog, lack of focus, mental clarity, even migraines?
  2. Do you have ongoing fatigue, muscle aches or pains, general lack of motivation or feelings of depression that just won’t go away?
  3. Have you noticed an increase in body odour, smelly bowel movements or bad breath? 
  4. Is your skin breaking out in acne or rashes?
  5. Have you recently become sensitive to chemicals, fragrances or scents?
  6. Have you developed any new allergies?

Our body is constantly detoxifying but if our organs become overwhelmed and overloaded with pollutants it can lead to chronic disease. Call us if you would like to re-set and detoxify your body.


A mushroom a day keeps the doctor away

A mushroom a day keeps the doctor away


Well, not quite. But all mushrooms, even white button mushrooms, contain beta-glucan-rich polysaccharides that have anti-cancerous, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-viral and immune-supportive properties. There are over 3000 different species of mushrooms, and while some are poisonous, the more common commercially-available medicinal mushrooms include: chaga, cordyceps, lions mane, maitake, shiitaki and turkey tail.

Try a new mushroom today!








Hypothyroid and low progesterone

Did you know that low progesterone and hypothyroidism symptoms look very similar? Both hormones help us maintain a healthy metabolic rate and body weight. Often chronic stress (eg: emotional, environmental, illness, malnutrition) will rob our system of the hormonal building blocks we need to make progesterone and thyroid hormones.