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Hot, dry summer = Poison Ivy

For all you outdoorsy-folks out there, you may have noticed the rampant increase in poison ivy this summer. My family and I certainly did!

This, however, enabled me to hone my skills on how to treat it. If you have been exposed to poison ivy (remember: Leaves of Three, Let them Be), you will want to lather up with good old dish soap (something to cut the oil – ie sunlight or dawn) and rinse the suds downward in the shower. You’ll also want to wash your hiking clothes and shoes.

Then, if you notice intensely itchy skin or little blisters in the days following your potential exposure, rub Jewelweed leaves &/or stem on your itchy skin. Jewelweed is an impatien that grows in moist forests. You’ll find it in July, but it starts to flower in August.  And voila! Poison Ivy crisis averted!

Poison Ivy:                                                            Jewelweed:

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