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Mindfulness ways to deal with September

September can feel like the start of a New Year. Summer holidays are behind us, kids are back to school, and we are back in to our regular (hectic) routines. That is why it is important to take time for yourself before stressors build up. Consider starting some mindfulness techniques to deal with daily stressors before you are too frazzled to cope.

Some ideas:

1. start your day with yoga and a sun salutation 

2. deep breathe and envision your breath entering, nourishing, and leaving your body

3. experiment with your favourite essential oil; rub a few drops in your hands then inhale deeply

4. Zen doodle or colour

5. have a massage, bowen or acupuncture treatment

6. go for a hike in the woods

Staying ahead of stress means it can’t negatively impact our health